Is your electricity bill too high?
Looking for alternative ways to save more money?

Today it can be difficult to survive with the rising costs of food, petrol and utilities. We all want to put something away for that long overdue vacation, flat screen TV, wonderful golf set or lovely boots that you had your eye on for quite a while. Let us help you to lower your electricity and heating bills so that you can save hundreds, even thousands each year. We will put you into contact with registered and accredited solar companies in South Africa.

  • Save hundreds even thousands of Rands
    With a solar geyser or heat pump you will be able to safe up to half of your electricity bill.
  • Save on your heating costs
    A solar geyser or a heat pump can help you to save up to 70% on your heating costs.
  • Rebates offered by Eskom
    Alternative sources of energy is recommended by Eskom and therefore they provide rebates for solar geyser and heat pump installations.
  • SESSA Registered and Accredited Companies
    The companies that we put you in contact with is registered and accredited by SESSA providing you with top quality service & systems.
  • Renting Options Available
    The costs of heat pumps and solar geysers can be quite expensive. Most of our companies offer rental options to pay the system on a monthly basis.

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